Siarhei Hryniewicz - Sergey Grinevich in the Studio OTGO Berlin 2022
Sergey Grinevich in the Studio OtGO Berlin 2022

great man SERGEY GRINEVICH from Belarus visits my studio yesterday and today. He is not only a great artist also a very good person and my friend. Dear Sergey, I hope to bring you solo show in Mongolia. Your hobby is fishing. After opening you exhibition in Mongolian Museum, you can travel to
fishing, that's how I imagine it yet. I wish you a good year of TIGER. Happy Mongolian New Year!

OtGO 02-02-2022 Berlin, Germany


Born 1960 in Grodno/Belarus

1971 – 1978 Studies at Republican School of Art
1978 – 1983 Studies at Belarussian Academy of Arts

From 1982 Sergey took part in art exhibitions, around 70 exhibitions all over Europe, Russia and New York. The works of this amazing painter have been shown at Art Manège Moscow, Art Kiev 2009/2010, Art Palm Beach USA, South Hampton, Kreuzlingen, St. Peterburg, Art Monaco 2015, Zaragoza/Spain, Art Zürich.

His works are mainly of easel painting, as well a lot of monumental kinds of fine arts, especially connected to architecture (stained-glass windows, fresco, etc). More than 70 of his works can be found in the Grodno region and Moscow. His works are kept in the Bogdanovich Museum and the Historical Museum of Grodno, Marc Chagall Center of Vitebsk, Museum of Modern Art Minsk, Galleries: Brama in Warsaw, Anixis in Baden, Nevsky New York, Collections of Banks: CIA Spain, Prior Bank Belarus, SOFI Cie. and Raiffeisen (Suisse), and by many important private collectors worldwide. For over 10 years Sergey work in closed connection with and for the important Swiss Collector Friedrich Kisters.

The casting with art golden din includes works created in using traditional techniques and materials (canvas, acrylic) as well as with techniques that push the boundaries of painting and are unique to the artist.

Grinevich fearlessly mixes the aesthetic of pop-art with the fineness of forms worthy of the Renaissance masters, seasoning it all with a pinch of philosophical context and irony. Such a varied cocktail will not leave you cold; indeed it will leave a lasting aesthetic and intellectual aftertaste. While apparently simple in terms of content, Sergey Grinevich’s works leave a deep impression both for their unmistakeable style and their semantic content.

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Sergey Grinevich and Belarus 2020 Minsk - Grodno photo by OTGO
Sergey Grinevich Studio - Grodno 2020 photo by OtGO

Siarhei Hryniewicz - Sergey Grinevich in the Studio OTGO Berlin 2022
Sergey Grinevich in the Studio OtGO Berlin 2022

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